Florida Probe Handpiece

When you need periodontal treatment, trust us with your smile. Forest Ridge Family Dentistry combines careful treatment with advanced tools and technology to treat symptoms of gum disease. One of the most effective tools we use during exams is the Florida Probe Handpiece.

Using a computerized probe, the Florida Probe system improves Dr. John Schymanski’s periodontal care. When patients suffer from gum disease or infected tissue, our dentist will conduct a periodontal exam. This will check for plaque buildup and other sources of inflammation. The Florida Probe uses constant force for consistent, accurate measurement and check the depth of gum pockets to 1/100 of a millimeter. Any measurements taken by the probe can also be recorded onto a digital periodontal chart. This way, records can be more easily shared and accessed.

With each patient that comes in, our office can customize their exam to include a variety of factors — such as medical history, risk assessment, gum recession, plaque buildup, detention, gum health or depth, bleeding, diagnosis, etc. … If you are looking to schedule a periodontal exam in Schererville, Indiana, call 219-756-2345. Our dentist will be happy to see you for an appointment and answer any questions you may have about treatment, periodontal disease, diagnosis or the Florida Probe system.



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